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Processing Solutions for Restaurants

ShopKeep POS Hardware Package
iPad POS     AMT|debit card terminal.     Point of sale touchscreen terminal.

View sample screens from a POS system.

2CP USA can provide your restaurant with an array of terminal solutions for your specific needs. Whether you own a small diner, a fine dining establishment or a specialty shop we offer processing features for the restaurant industry that will support all major credit and debit cards. The restaurant industry encounters many unique situations that your credit card merchant must effortlessly be able to manage.

2CP USA can provide your establishment with a merchant account that will accommodate many special situations which occur daily within the restaurant industry. Below are some features that our systems will provide.

  • QSR - No signature required on small tickets
  • DSL/High-speed authorizations
  • Tips can be added after authorization occurs
  • A bill from the bar can easily be added to ones dinner bill for a simple single transaction
  • Terminals can be programmed to provide server and table numbers on receipts
  • Tracking of transaction activity and tips by a tracking number or name.
  • Creation of a large range of reports and documentation that will make it easier to track your restaurant business activity.

Solutions for Restaurants:

Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, we will provide the best merchant processing solution for you.

  • Existing Businesses or New Business Start-Ups
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards
  • Accept Debit/Check Cards
  • Check Guarantee, Verification, & Check Conversion Services

ShopKeep POS iPad

Your iPad Point of Sale

Simple to set up and easy to use. Scan barcodes, accept cash or credit cards, print or email receipts, all with cloud-based security.
Securely accept credit cards
The iDynamo easily attaches to your iPad and gives you maximum card security.
Add hardware as you need
Add a cash-drawer, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner or even a kitchen printer. Access Reports from Anywhere

Your Trusted Business Advisor

Make decisions instantly to run your business better with our ClearInsight® Reports that track sales and help manage inventory.
Useful, tailored reports
Find your best selling products, see what stock is running low, and know when your busiest time of the day is.
Access reports from anywhere
Keep track of your sales from any web browser, or from your smartphone using the free Dashboard App (pictured left)

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