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Credit & Debit Card Processing

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Let our experts handle all your credit card processing requirements so you can focus on the more important things - like your business!

Start Processing with 2C Processor USA!  Are you tired of your current processor raising your rates and fees?  We can help!  Click here to learn about our free, no obligation, statement analysis and review and how you can get a $50 Gift Card to Ruth Chris Steak House.

Check Cards

Save up to 25% over credit card rates!

Checkcards and debit cards are linked to your customerís checking account, allowing us to chargelower fees to you, the merchant. These cards can be acceptedjust like credit cards, the customer simply signs the receipt.

ATM Cards

Save up to 30% over credit card rates!

ATM debit cards are also linked to your customers checking account.  They allow for quick payment at very low cost to you.  Customerís pay by swiping their card on a terminal with a PIN pad and then entering their ATM PIN, just as if they were at an ATM to withdraw cash,

EBT Cards

ACCEPT Food Stamps in PLASTIC!

Accept food stamps from customers in the new federally mandated electronic/plastic card EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) format. We can simply reprogram your existing terminal (assuming it is capable) or sell you a new EBT card capable terminal.

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